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Own a piece of the spectacular golden-brown sands and the generous space of this 5-Acres property in the quiet outback of Lake County offers you tranquility with its pristine location. Located 18 minutes North from Silver Lake City, it enjoys the accessibility provided by the paved roads and the generous open spaces. It’s also in close proximity to Christmas Valley where Mountain biking has always been famous.


Christmas Valley's landscape is divided by soaring mountains which are very known for Bikers and thrill seekers. It's a small town in Oregon with that charming, off-the-beaten-path kind of vibe. It is a perfect place for people looking to stumble upon something new, offering rustic lodging and old-fashioned cuisine. 


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A Whopping 5-Acre Rough Diamond in Lake County, OR! Que it Up North Silver Lake

$13,332.00 Regular Price
$9,999.00Sale Price
  • Parcel Number: 2753 

    Property address: Christmas Valley, OR, 97641

    County: Lake County

    State: Oregon

    Parcel Size: 5 Acre

    Zoning: A-2

    Building: Yes - Apply for a Type II Conditional Use Permit with the county for building

    Property Type: Vacant Land

    GPS Center Coordinates: 

    43.2383, -120.8558

    Corner GPS Coordinates: 

    43.2393, -120.8564

    43.2393, -120.8552

    43.2375, -120.8552

    43.2375, -120.8564

    Property Access: Off Lovell Rd

    Water: Would be by well

    Power: Lovell Rd

    Sewage: Would be by septic


  • Retail Price: $13,332

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $9,999

    *Documentation Fee: $295


    Financing options available!


    0% Owner Financing Options:

    Down Pymt  Terms Monthly Pymt  Total
    $1,600  54 $217.26  $13,332


     48 $261.08



    Low Down Payment and Low Monthly Payment Option:

     Down Pymt

     Term Monthly Pymt Total


     72 $204.61  $15,332

    *Documentation Fee: $295

    *Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly

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