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The community is perhaps best known by off-road all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts worldwide who ride in the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes. The Dunes are composed largely of ash and pumice generated 7,000 years ago when Mt. Mazama erupted to form Crater Lake. This 8,900 acres of the Sand Dunes site is open to off-road vehicle use and many more fun activities. 


We are selling our 5 acre parcel of land located beside the sand dunes which is a perfect spot for some family fun and great memories.


The fun awaits you on this gorgeous 5-acre property in Lake County, Oregon. This property is located in the South Central Oregon area, just 20 minutes southwest from the town of Christmas Valley. The growing town has golfing, shops, stores, restaurants and other establishments at your convenience.


There are lots of great attractions that await you here. Some are well-established recreation sites with amenities nearby, but most remain relatively obscure. These are not places you stumble upon, but places you actively seek out. 


There is abundant wildlife in the area and endless recreational opportunities at your doorstep here. 


Contact us to learn more about this property.


5-Acre Gem in Lake County, OR – Located at the base of Christmas Valley Sand Dun

  • APN / Parcel #: 2076

    Property Address: Silver Lake, OR, 97638 County: Lake

    State: OR

    Parcel Size: 5.0 acres

    Approximate Dimensions: 346.23 ft x 656.51 ft x 330.14 ft x 656.20 ft 

    Approx GPS Center Coordinates (Approximate): 43.3402, -120.4706

    GPS Corner Coordinates (Approximate): 

    43.3411, -120.4712

    43.3411, -120.4699

    43.3393, -120.47

    43.3393, -120.4712

    Google map link: Water: would be by well

    Sewage: would be by septic

    Power: in the area, contact mid-state electric Zoning: A-2 Agricultural

    Building: Apply for Type 2 Conditional Use Permit


  • Retail Price: $13,498.50

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $8,999

    *Documentation Fee: $249


    Financing options available!


    0% Owner Financing Options:

    Down Pymt  Terms Monthly Pymt  Total
    $1,400  54 $224.00  $13,498


     48 $266.64



    Low Down Payment and Low Monthly Payment Option:

     Down Pymt

     Term Monthly Pymt Total


     72 $227.40  $16,873

    *Documentation Fee: $249

    *Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly

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