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You are guaranteed to enjoy the pristine nature of this property and the surrounding area. Protection of Sage Grouse Habitat will ensure a quiet oasis for years to come.


Accessible by vehicle.


Backing on to 640 Acres of US State owned land so you can roam even further than just your own 60 acres.


This property is 20 Acres of A-2 Agricultural land located 12 miles from the small community of Plush and 36 Miles from the nice community of Lakeview, OR.


This area is protected land which protects it's natural habitat and natural beauty. No permanent structures but the perfect place for a recreational retreat!


This location is perhaps best known for it’s recreation, open land and tranquillity. This property is located 15 miles from Hart Lake, 20 miles from Crump Lake and 55 miles from Lake Albert.

20 amazing acres outside of Plush, OR with road access

$10,665.00 Regular Price
$7,999.00Sale Price
  • Account Number: 10224 is 40 acres

    & 10284 is 20 acres

    Property Location: Plush, Lake County, Oregon

    Approx. Annual Property Taxes: $100 to $155

    Property Zoning: A-2 Agriculture Use

    Property Borders 640 Acres of Public Land

    Access: 4.3 Miles down McDowell Creek Rd (Gravel/Dirt) which is off of Plush Cutoff Rd

    Sage Grouse Habitat - No permanent structures

    Use: Camping/Recreational/Open Range


    Closest Small Town: Plush

    Closest City: Lakeview


    Approximate GPS Coordinates: 

    NW: 42.4008, -120.0477

    NE: 42.4008, -120.0431

    SW: 42.3988, -120.0477

    SE: 42.3988, -120.0431

  • Retail Price: $10,665

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $7,999

    Discounted Cash Sale Price on all 60 Acres: $19,250

    *Documentation Fee: $249


    Financing options available!


    0% Owner Financing Options:

    Down Pymt  Terms Monthly Pymt  Total
    $1,200  54 $175.28  $10,665


     48 $209.69



    Low Down Payment and Low Monthly Payment Option:

     Down Pymt

     Term Monthly Pymt Total


     72 $164.79  $12,265

    *Documentation Fee: $249

    *Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly

    *Special Financing available when purchasing all 60 acres

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