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Check out this residential property at Baert Lake in Lake County, Oregon. This property is located in Christmas Valley, really close to the Lake and just a few minutes away from shops, stores, gas, golf course and other amenities at your convenience.


The town of Christmas Valley (population 1,313) is little more than a few small restaurants, a pair of motels and a gas station. But spend a few days driving the bumpy gravel roads that lead off in all directions, and you'll find a pocket of fascinating natural attractions: cracks, craters, sand dunes and volcanic glass.

Some are well-established recreation sites with amenities nearby, but most remain relatively obscure. These are not places you stumble upon, but places you actively seek out. Discover the growing Christmas Valley.


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0.33 - acre Residential Lot at Baert Lake in the Center of Christmas Valley

  • Parcel #: 3713

    Property address: Christmas Valley, OR, 97641

    County: Lake County

    State: Oregon

    Parcel Size: 0.33 Acre

    Zoning: Residential

    Property Type: Vacant Land

    GPS Center Coordinates: 43.2497, -120.6827

    Corner GPS Coordinates: 

    43.2494, -120.6829

    43.2499, -120.6826

    43.2494, -120.6826

    43.2494, -120.6829

    Tax Amount: $47.53

    Property Access: County Hwy 9-40

    Water: At the street

    Power: At the street

    Sewage: Would be by septic


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