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Close to the Oregon high desert border, the annual average high temperature is 61F and annual average low temperature is 29F.  Summer high temperature in July is around 86F and winter low in January is around 18F.  There are 215 sunny days per year on average.

Visit the Oregon Shores Recreational Club website for a look at their Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), The bylaws, annual drinking water quality report, Plat maps, Klamath county "GIS" site, Building Guidelines / Architectural review process.


Closest Major City: Chiloquin, Oregon – 9 mins (4.7 miles)


Closest Small Town: Bly, Oregon - 65 mins.(56.4 miles)


Nearby Attractions:

Hagelstein County Park - 21 mins.(15.2 miles)

Petric County Park - 8 mins.(4.3 miles)

Jump N Jax - 30 mins.(26.0 miles)

Pelican Cinema - 28 mins.(24.4 miles)

Jefferson Square Mall - 36 mins.(27.8 miles)

Family Food Center - 10 mins.(4.9 miles)

Harbor Links Golf Course - 28 mins.(24.2 miles)

Two Residential Lots - Oregon Shores, Klamath

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