Check out this stunning 5-acre parcel in Lake County, Oregon. This property is nestled in Silver Lake, just 9.4 miles to Christmas Valley. With great views and wildlife in the area, this is the perfect place to explore and seek adventures. 


Some are well-established recreation sites with amenities nearby, but most remain relatively obscure. These are not places you stumble upon, but places you actively seek out. It takes real initiative to discover in this area. 


Visit one of the best attractions nearby which is Fort Rock. An imposing rock formation and Oregon state park site, Fort Rock is found on the western side of Christmas Valley, easily visible from the road. The rock is a naturally occurring tuff ring, a kind of volcanic crater that forms when hot magma meets cold groundwater.


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5-acre Lot in Silver Lake, Oregon - Explore Adventures Here

$11,998.00 Regular Price
$7,999.00Sale Price
  • Parcel #: 1381

    Property address: SILVER LAKE, OR, 97638

    County: Lake County

    State: Oregon

    Parcel Size: 5 Acres

    Legal Description: SECTION 34 TOWNSHIP 26S RANGE 16E QUARTER C PRCL 1800 MAPTAX LOT: 26S16E34C0180000

    Land Use: VACANT LAND (NEC)

    Property Type: VACANT

    GPS Center Coordinates: 43.267000, -120.810900

    GPS Coordinates (Corners): 

    43.2662, -120.8103

    43.2662, -120.8116

    43.2681, -120.8116

    43.2681, -120.8103

    Tax Amount: $54.41

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  • Retail Price: $11,998

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $7,999

    *Documentation Fee: $249


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     72 $202.75  $14,998

    *Documentation Fee: $249

    *Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly