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Check out this side by side 20-acre lot in Lake County, Oregon. This property is nestled in a prime location offering a wide expanse of raw land, just 16 miles away from Central Oregon Highway. Perfect for recreational activities, this property is indeed a great deal. 


Christmas Valley is only 42.8 miles southwest of the lot. Some are well-established recreation sites with amenities nearby, but most remain relatively obscure. These are not places you stumble upon, but places you actively seek out. It takes real initiative to discover in this area. 


Visit one of the best attractions nearby which is Fort Rock. An imposing rock formation and Oregon state park site, Fort Rock is found on the western side of Christmas Valley, easily visible from the road. The rock is a naturally occurring tuff ring, a kind of volcanic crater that forms when hot magma meets cold groundwater.


20 Acres of Vast Land in Oregon - The Recreation Site for Adventure Lovers

  • Twenty (20) acres offering a piece of Freedom and Privacy in Plush Oregon.

    Account #125 & #127

    Land Size: 20 Acres (two 10 acre parcels side by side)

    Water: Would be by well

    Power: Would be by solar

    Building: None. This is Sage Grouse area and the county will not permit permanent structures. 

    GPS: 43.485800, -120.244400

    4 Corners: 

        43.484, -120.2432

    43.484, -120.2457

    43.4876, -120.2457

    43.4876, -120.2432

    Property Zoning: A-2 Agriculture Use

    Property Borders 

    Use: Camping/Recreational/Open Range

    Closest Small Town: Plush

    Closest City: Lakeview


    Weve sold similar properties in the area. Heres what others are using their land for:


    -Long Term Investment

    -Off-grid recreational camping


    -Easy access to US State Land

    -Exploring and off-road recreation


  • Retail Price: $11,998

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $7,999

    *Documentation Fee: $249


    Financing options available!


    0% Owner Financing Options:

    Down Pymt  Terms Monthly Pymt  Total
    $1,200  54 $199.97  $11,998


     48 $237.47



    Low Down Payment and Low Monthly Payment Option:

     Down Pymt

     Term Monthly Pymt Total


     72 $202.75  $14,998

    *Documentation Fee: $249

    *Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly

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