An amazing place to go off grid


Are you looking to land to go off grid?  I have 20 acres of land in Lake County Oregon for sale.  This land it perfect to build your off grid home on.  Add solar panels and a rain catching system to your home and stop spending your hard earned money on utility bills.  20 acres gives you the opportunity to build your home, have a side building to store all your preps and have plenty of land to add animals and a garden.  You can be totally self sustaining.  Start living the life that you have been dreaming of.  Message me for more details about this land. 


20 acre Lake County Oregon is Calling!

$17,332.00 Regular Price
$12,999.00Sale Price
  • Address: Millican Rd, Christmas Valley, OR 97641

    Closest Major city: Bend, OR (83.6 mi, 1 h 51 min)

    Closest small town: Christmas Valley, OR 97641 (10.3 mi, 12 min)

    Nearby attractions: Derrick Cave, Lakeview, OR 97630 (28.2 mi, 1 h 3 min)

    GPS four corners: 43.346506, -120.588972 NW
    43.346491, -120.596504 NE
    43.342886, -120.586504 SE
    43.342870, -120.588972 SW

    Google Map Link:

  • Price: $17,332.00

    Discounted Cash Sale Price: $12,999.00


    Documentation Fee: $249.00

    Property Taxes and Note Servicing Fee payable monthly 


       Down Pymt  Terms  Monthly Pymt
    0% Finance  $1500.00 58  $275.00



     $900.00 63  $300.00

     Low Down, 

    Low Mthly

     $500.00 88  $250.00

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