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Christmas Valley is approximately 100 miles North of Lakeview (the County Seat); approximately 100 miles Southeast of Bend, and approximately 126 miles Northeast of Klamath Falls. This property is just down the street from a dry lake bed which is perfect for off-roading. It is 3 miles to the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes and only 18 miles to town where you will find a grocery store, gas station, golf course, health care centre, school, restaurants, credit union, post office and more.


The community is perhaps best known by off-road all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts worldwide who ride in the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes. The area also offers: hot springs, golfing, caves, hunting, fishing, a museum, wildlife viewing, camping, hiking and geological attractions such as Fort Rock, 10,000 acres of sand dunes, volcanic cones, Lost Forest and Crack-in-the-Ground.



10 acres 3 miles from the Christmas Valley Dunes

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